What We Do

Brand Identity

Full range of branding services, from market research and logo design, to brand voice and style guide development.

Video Production

We create high quality video content to help you reach audiences and stand out in the market.

Marketing Strategy

Strategic thinking, brand creation and cut-through messaging. We fuse these key elements together to achieve effective results.

Web Design

We ensure that your website is visually consistent with your brand and connects with your audience.

Who we are

Meet the Founders

Founded in 2013 by Italian friends and design, marketing and communication specialists – as well Chinese culture experts – Edoardo De Bastiani and Umberto Brugni, Deus has acquired a rich portfolio and enjoyed sound and professional working experiences in China and abroad.

The Deus team comprises of Italian and Chinese designers, problem-solvers and artists, who all boast different yet complementary skills and interests.


Our name comes from the Latin phrase, deus ex machina; (literally god from the machine), which was also a plot device used in Ancient Greek theatre: when somebody in the story found themselves in very deep trouble with apparently no way out, a new character playing God (deus) would often descend on the stage by crane (machina). This character – who literally fell down from the sky – would thusly resolve all the existent problems and conflicts, making everything work out beautifully.